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Permit OPAL+ (Extended OPAL License)


OPAL is and will always be an open-source project free for all. OPAL+ is a way for enterprise users to get more out of OPAL when needed; and is a product of OPAL users approaching us and asking for additional capabilities on top of those provided by OPAL.

If you just need a hosted version of OPAL; or you're building application-level permissions consider simply using's PRO tier.

What is Permit OPAL+

Permit OPAL+ is an enterprise software service package provided by Permit Inc. the company behind and OPAL. The package can include:

  • A special license for an internal OPAL version used by Permit ( early access to features before they are opened sourced)
  • Hosted OPAL servers
  • Hosted policy decision points (OPAL-client + OPA / Cedar)
  • Direct access and impact on the project road-map
  • Dedicated support channel
  • Custom SLA
  • Professional services for OPAL
  • Custom data-fetcher providers, including NRE.

Who Can Get Access to OPAL+

The OPAL+ program is available for select enterprises, who apply for access; Currently the program can accept up to 5 enterprises. Applications are reviewed and considered on a first come first served basis.

How to Apply to OPAL+

To apply for Permit OPAL+, fill in the form available here